Van Gregory & Norton



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Van Gregory & Norton was established to offer designers a wide range of styles with detailed, hand finishes to match virtually any fabric, wood, or color sample imaginable. From the brightest teal to the deepest walnut and the most intense fuchsia, their fine arts backgrounds have trained Van Gregory & Norton to create curtain hardware and mirror finishes which blend perfectly into each environment.

Their water gilding techniques are thoroughly authentic and incomparably superior. Every part of their old-world craft is accomplished exclusively by hand in their Brooklyn studio, using master techniques perfected for over 25 years in business. Beginning with Bolognese gesso and clay boles, craftsmen then gold or silver leaf each piece in 22, 16, or 12 karats.

Van Gregory & Norton are proud to adhere to the highest standards of design and artistry; and with a wide range of styles and details, their collections are designed to accommodate virtually any style.