Decor de Paris


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Established in 1995, Décor de Paris is a distributor of some of the industry’s most exquisite textiles, casements and trimmings. Founder Benjamin Ravan sought to translate the beauty of his extensive travels to the interior design field by gathering only the finest materials from all over the world for his products.

Décor de Paris aims to bring to life designers' visions of their ideal aesthetic for any project. Offering an array of unique fabrics and trimming, they also master the art of custom design for items ranging from one inch gimps to eight foot tiebacks.

The company's portfolio has evolved from private, upscale residential projects to many of the most beautiful homes and hotels around the globe. Some major projects include Las Vegas’ Bellagio, Encore, and Mandalay Bay hotel, several Four Seasons Hotels internationally, and Ritz Carlton Resort’s nationwide.